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Sarah Cort
Mar 30, 2021
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Camp Echo is a residential YMCA camp on Long Ryerson Lake near Fremont, Michigan, amidst 512 acres of woodlands and wetlands. The McGaw YMCA is located in Evanston, Illinois and about 70% of Camp Echo’s campers are from the Evanston area. Safety, community, and personal growth are the goals at McGaw YMCA Camp Echo. AND HAVE FUN! We are looking for mission-driven employees who are interested in working with a supportive team to help us change lives. Camp Echo Cooks work with the Kitchen Leader to ensure that all campers and staff are receiving nutritious and delicious nourishment all day every day. Cooks take the lead on preparing meals for up to 300 individuals, served family style. The Cooks also provide leadership and direction to a Kitchen Aides and Junior Staff, who support the serving and cleaning of all meals. Menus are designed to utilize simple to follow instructions, though cooks are also able to suggest new recipes and cooking from scratch is welcome! Sample meals: - Breakfast: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, breakfast meats, scones, waffles - Lunch: Grilled cheese, hamburgers & hot dogs, chili, gyros - Dinner: Pizza, chicken & rice, stir fry, lasagna, enchiladas Cooks are required to abide by all applicable health standards and Camp Echo policies and practices to ensure the safety of the campers and staff in our community. For Summer 2021, many safety practices are being implemented to ensure safety of all campers and staff with regard to COVID. For instance: Masks will be worn at all times in the kitchen and most meals will be eaten outside. Requirements - Age 18 or older - Certified in CPR and First Aid - Leadership ability and teamwork oriented - Previous cooking experience, 1-3 years or equivalent Schedules - 8 hour shifts, minimum three days/week - Flexible schedules, 7 days a week, between 6 AM and 8 PM - Employment available late April - mid September Camp Environment - Camp Echo, as part of the McGaw YMCA, has a strategic priority to advance as an anti-racist multi-cultural organization and all staff are expected to support the advancement of this work as we strive to strengthen community. - Camp Echo is a substance free facility and staff are not permitted to have or consume alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, and similar while working or on camp property. - Staff must be positive role models for campers, ages 7-17, at all times. Pay & Benefits - This is a full-time seasonal position. - Pay for commuters is $10-$14/hour or for on-site staff is $360-$408/week, with room and board included. - See attached staff experience guide for more information about pay and benefits. There is more information on our website as well as the Cook job description. Questions? Interested? Contact Executive Director Bernard Rocca at or 231-924-7076.
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Sarah Cort

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