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About Us

Becoming a chef takes leadership, people skills, and the ability to manage and organize a kitchen. ICC faculty work to build fundamental traits of integrity and responsibility within students. ICC has a very high placement rate with businesses, both locally and nationwide, and students will have the opportunity to participate in catering events, fundraisers and many other extracurricular activities to give them the experience needed to find work in the area.

All the food sold in our Retail Outlet is prepared by students under the careful supervision of our Culinary Professors. Please enjoy these discounted products, and as always, we thank you for supporting our program!


Our Kitchen

Illinois Central College knows that in order to keep up with a rapidly growing industry like culinary arts it is important to have the right tools. Therefore, students work in an environment designed to replicate a professional kitchen. Here they receive a lot more one-on-one attention than they might find at other colleges.

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